What is CLIE Group?

COAST TO COAST – International Realtors

We are an now a one stop solution to your housing needs. Through our corporate divisions and with 26 years of experience we will guide you through the entire process step by step during the purchase of your property.




Who we are?

Real Estate Consulting

Coast to Coast International Realtors (CCIR), our philosophy is based on a combined vision of excellence and professionalism in our services, framed within the potential growth of the real estate industry globally.

Opportunities in real estate, meet internationally developers, buyers and sellers as never seen before; transcending borders and ideologies that were considered taboo just a few years ago.

Innovative financial tools and market stability and deep local knowledge play a key role in meeting the expectations of investors.

CCIR is part of a global conglomerate of real estate services that has more than 26 years of participation in the international real estate and finance sectors. We have successfully combined innovative experience in real estate financing with creative and disciplined approach in property management. This development gives CCIR a substantial financial strength and allows to expand activities within the many facets of the real estate industry.



specializes in Mortgage Loans designed for your needs. Whether you are looking for financing for a vacation home or for a new investment New World Funding puts at your disposal 26 years of experience in the industry to maximize your investment and minimize your expenses.

  • International Commercial Loans at 2.25% per annum, (2.49% APR)
  • One or two years of grace depending on the loan term
  • Non-Repayment of Capital Loans
  • Terms of payment from 5 to 30 years
  • We finance in America, Europe and Asia







PANAMERICAN TITLE is part of a global conglomerate of Offshore services with more than 26 years in the international area of asset protection and minimization of tax exposure.

  • Property title
  • Title Insurance to certify the title to be clear and free at the time of purchase
  • Incorporation of LLPs, LLCs, C- Corporations, Trusts and Foundations
  • 48 international jurisdictions
  • Asset Protection Techniques and Tax Advantages
  • Immigration Consulting
  • Investors Visas
  • Access to properties Legal Information.
  • Advisory Team paralegals and Lega

*Offshore Bank Accounts

Int’l Business Companies (IBCs)
• Anguilla
• Bahamas
• Belize
• British Virgin Islands
• Nevis
• Seychelles
• Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

Private Limited Companies
• Hong Kong
• UK

Otro tipo de Compañia
• Cayman Islandss
• Gibraltar
• Isle of Man
• Jersey
• Labuan
• Dubai

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
• Nevis LLC
• Isle of Man LLC

Holding Companies
• Switzerland
• Luxembourg

Trusts (Fideicomisos)
• British Virgin Islands
• Seychelles

Sociedades y Fundaciones
• Panamá